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4 Oct , 2014  

A few years ago, I found a knee lock conversation on the bettermednicine.com forum. I added my own story to the over 200 other stories from knee lock sufferers. Apparently, my story resonated with many of the participants as I began to receive private e-mail from literally dozens of people, with most of them saying “you described my symptoms perfectly.” These random people were seeking additional information, more insight, recent knee lock studies, and frankly just wanted to talk and empathize with someone who seemed to “get it.”


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Apparently, bettermedicine.com forums were recently purchased by HealthGrades.com, and the entire conversation was deleted. Vanished. Very, very sad that years of rich medical conversation was simply erased. It’s really mind-boggling that a company would buy a valuable community asset, and then destroy it. I’m a computer industry entrepreneur. I know that when you buy an Internet property, you are usually buying “eyeballs.” To destroy years of invaluable community discussion is not just a poor business decision, but (in this case) a breach of public trust.


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Anyway, that’s why I created this site. I’m passionate about helping people who suffer from knee lock, and (as I’ve learned), there are a LOT of people who suffer from knee lock. Moreover, there is a crazy amount of truly bad knee lock “medical information” floating around the Internet. As I’ve studied knee lock over the years, I believe to have pieced together a fairly accurate picture of the causes and possible cures for knee lock, and this picture looks surprisingly different than “for profit” knee lock resources on the Internet.

Please read “My Story” and then share your experience. To comment, be sure to click on the title of the post.

– John L


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