Bad Medicine

Meniscus Surgery: “Most Unnecessary Medical Treatment”

7 Oct , 2017  

JAMA … “The Journal of the American Medical Association” … has just released a paper citing the “Top 10 Most Unnecessary Medical Treatments.” Surgery for meniscal cartilage tears was found to be one of the top 10 most unnecessary medical treatments today. This study considered 2252 articles based on originality, methodologic quality, and number of patients potentially affected. The 10 most influential articles were selected by author consensus. The JAMA paper is pay-walled, but you can read a summary here:

Elsewhere on the site, you will find links to many other peer-reviewed medical papers which present the identical conclusion:  “torn meniscus” surgery, especially for mechanical symptoms, is very often worthless and unnecessary. I’ve communicated with scores of knee-lock sufferers and estimate that, of those who had meniscus surgery, fewer than 1 in 5 have seen any knee-lock improvement after meniscus surgery, perhaps closer to 1 in 10. The work of Drs. Kuhn and Sekiya points to an entirely different reason for hard, physical knee lock, having nothing to do with a “torn meniscus.”